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Ignorance Is No Defence

Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat


If you are in business and are preferring to remain ignorant about the effects the web has on every aspect of life then chances are you may not survive. Because ignorance is no defence.

I am an advertising manager of a newspaper and somehow I have now become a multi media manager within a newspaper. It happened fairly slowly but over the last two years the rate at which we continue towards an ever increasing digital future is alarming.

Like  a lot of people in business I thought internet propositions would disappear so I played the game and kept my focus on the printed newspaper then BAM! digital hit me again and this time I knew it was sink or swim.

It takes courage and strength to change the way you work-as a colleague of mine says it’s like trying to turn an oil tanker on a narrow road. So I recently made a conscious decision to surpass myself and become a more competent manager better suited to today’s world.

So as a multi media manager I decided to make the conscious decision to almost ignore printed advertising- after 12 years in the industry I almost know newspapers inside out. Instead I decided to become a digital advertising expert to work in tandem with my knowledge about print.

What did I do?

First of all I briefed my team on how we are going to attack our digital targets in the most productive way-by breaking down our targets in to small manageable chunks. If I told you that my target in April is to generate over one million impression sales for our website then you should be able to better appreciate my need for turning this oil tanker.

Then I gave each person a sliding scale of impressions and their cost-to avoid the endless tapping of calculator keys but also to make it easier to build in to campaigns and tailor to the needs of their business.

Thirdly I made sure that every single day every member of my team was given daily visit information from the previous day. I also did spot checks on how much of this information they were taking in. Was it much-no! Is there improvement-three days of me spot checking and my team are getting closer to the right figures.

After this I started working on the creativity of the sale and pitched a campaign bespoke to a business which would mean them targeting sports readers on our website. It was a success.

Finally-I’m not going to stand back and watch the web take away my business-I am learning, researching, calling people for advice, tying, testing and above all enjoying becoming someone who understands online advertising.

My point-yes it was longwinded- is that it is much easier to sit back and say ‘Well I don’t need to learn’ ‘I don’t use the internet’ or ‘I don’t need online advertising’ because the truth is-you do.

Don’t think of the internet as a new way of doing business-think of it as an essential way of doing business that can ensure your company becomes accessible to people at any time of the day-even when you may be sleeping.

A new challenge can often make you develop a new love for your products or services.

I’ve said it before but the changes in my industry have been so refreshing and now, although hard work, are such amazing learning curve.

So please learn because gnorance will be no defence when a competitor takes your business.


Put Your Money Where The Eyes Are

advertising-quoteWith everyone screaming at you to spend your budget with them because they are better and bigger use this top ten as a guide to the value you are really getting.

The more people you can ‘talk to’  the more likely your phone is to ring because the chances of you reaching the right people is far greater. A cheap advertisement is still a waste of money if no one rings you as a result of it. If you have money to burn though saying yes without knowing how to interpret the offer made to you will result in you frittering your money away.

Top Ten Facts About Local Media

  1. Local newspapers are more than twice as trusted as any other media channel.

    Source: IPA Touchpoints 4 2012

  2. The local press is the UK’s most popular print medium, read by 31 million people a week.

    Source: BMRB/TGI 2012

  3. There are 1,100 local newspapers and 1,600 associated websites in the UK.

    Source: NS Database

  4. Local media websites attract 62 million unique users each month.

    Source: Newspaper Society

  5. 12 million people read a local newspaper but do not read a national newspaper.

    Source: BMRB/TGI 2012

  6. 61% of adults read a local newspaper.

    Source: BMRB/TGI 2012

  7. Over 60% of people act on the ads in local newspapers.

    Source: CrowdDNA/Loving Local

  8. Advertising on local newspaper websites is 77% more likely to be believed and relied upon than advertising on other websites.

    Source: the wanted ads III

  9. 11 million more UK adults read a local newspaper (31 million) than listen to commercial radio (20 million).

    Source: BMRB/TGI 2012

  10. Local press is the most effective media channel for generating word of mouth conversations. Source:
    IPA Touchpoints 4 2012

It doesn’t matter  what type of advertising you do just make sure that you check a few facts

  • Is the company verified or can they provide verified response reports? (Print product or online)
  • Will your advertisement be seen or relegated to the quiet time (radio), low circulation day (newspaper) out of area title (newspaper, magazines, leaflets)
  • Will your advertisement get clicked on? (Low unique visitors on an unpopular website)
  • Are people buying products as a result of advertising? (Social media)
  • Can I upgrade, amend or improve my website? Do I own the domain name (Website builder)

Advertising is a powerful tool-embrace it