Advertising Cars?

I frequently hear that all car dealers want to do is get people through the door but as a car is one of the most expensive items a person will buy in their lifetimes the decision of which one to buy won’t come easily.

Are people swayed by advertising?


Yes I am an advertising manager so I would say that but it’s more than that.

Soon I am going to be buying my first car!

Yes I am 40

No I haven’t just passed my test.

Sadly my company car will be no more next year and I am forced to make it on my own in the real world.

I’ve been driving for about 10 years now and I have never bought a car, taxed a car or insured a car. The buying part I’m excited about-the rest I want someone else to take care of.

So is buying a car an easy choice?

Well of course not-there’s colour, shape, style, make and cost to consider.

I will have a budget to work to which will cover all mechanical repairs, tax, insurance, MOT and of course the car. And it seems quite a decent amount.

So at 12 months before I’m due to buy a car I’m looking. And I can be influenced RIGHT NOW!

Will my mind change?

What will change my mind?

What will I buy?

It’s June 21st 2014 and I am adamant that I want a BMW 320 in navy blue or black from about 1997. I want to pay around £2,000 for it and I want it to be in good condition with low mileage.


Already wavering I’ve seen a great deal on Facebook for a BMW 1 series which is only £129 per month on finance but it required a hefty deposit of over £3,000 if I remember rightly. I’ve always thought of the hard top 1 Series that it looks great from the front then at the back it looks like you can’t afford a whole one. So no-this isn’t the right option for me.


I saw a finance offer for a Lexus too which stopped and made me think ‘Hmmmmm I can afford a Lexus’. I saw that in a magazine but I haven’t seen that offer again so that has gone off my radar.

At the moment in this early stage I am open to being tempted by all cars-well maybe not all cars.

On my definite no list are:

  • Ford KA
  • Mini One
  • Ford Focus

Apart from those models I’m looking at everything.

So will used win or a finance deal for a new car?

I’ll report back every time something changes my mind or I will the lottery. if that happens here’s my choice:


Well a girl can dream.